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British Fossils - Wholesale Fossils & Minerals

British Fossils has been a leading wholesale fossil and mineral supplier to the gift trade for over 25 years and has gained a reputation for its excellent quality products and outstanding customer service.

Wholesale Fossils and mineralsBeautiful, Natural and profitable

Fossils and minerals are a highly profitable retail line and are becoming more and more popular with adults and children alike. They are natural and  unique gifts and are packaged to sell. We specialise in high quality fossils and minerals that have proved very popular with existing customers for many years. As a wholesale fossils and mineral supplier we hold vast stocks of our products in our UK warehouse and provide next day delivery to most uk addresses.

Why Choose British Fossils as your fossil and mineral supplier?

As well as supplying fossils and minerals, British Fossils also stocks a vast array of rocks and mineralsagate, onyx and marble and display stands to make the most of your British Fossils stock.

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