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Bright and chunky minerals and fossils make up our ever popular, inexpensive and educational range. Young collectors are drawn to their beautiful colours and interesting history and are able to afford the pocket money prices. Available to display as you wish but these lines look fantastic when placed in our acrylic riser unit with eye-catching graphics. Click here to see the display stand.

Now available in pick-up line packs.

Packed in 50's per type. Three price bands.
BL03 Fools Gold BL04 Rose Quartz BL07 Quartz Point BL15 Orthoceras BL20 Quartz Cluster BL21 Large Gemstones BL25 Dragon Eggs BL26 Rainbow Quartz Points BL27 Mixed Mini Geodes 1 BL31 Super Bright Geode Pieces BL01 Agate Slices BL02 Amethyst BL08 Citrine Point BL09 Amethyst Point BL14 Ammonite BL29 Rainbow Amethyst BL30 Cut and Polished Ammonite BL33 - White Calcite Rhombs BL34 - Rainbow Calcite Rhombs PKBL35 - Himalayan Salt Basketline Out
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BL01.Agate Slices
BL03.Fools Gold (Pyrite)
BL04.Rose Quartz
BL07.Quartz Points
BL08.Citrine Points
BL09.Amethyst Points
BL20.Quartz Cluster
BL21.Large Gemstones
BL25.Dragon Eggs
BL26.Rainbow Quartz Points
BL27.Mixed Mini Geodes
BL29Rainbow Amethyst
BL30Cut & Polished Ammonites
BL31Super Bright Geode Pieces
BL34Rainbow Calcite Rhombs
BL35Himalayan Salt
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