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In February, our director John Cook travelled to Tucson, Arizona for the Tucson gem show. This is one of the biggest rock and mineral shows in the world and spans over 40 locations.



At the show, John met with rock and mineral suppliers from all over the world. He found many interesting and unique pieces and left feeling inspired by everything he had seen. He also noticed an increase in popularity of aura plated minerals and we are looking to get lots more in the near future.



The cut and polished ammonite on the left has been decorated and enhanced with the real mother of pearl that you would normally find on the reverse side of the fossil. This creative idea makes for a really stunning display piece which is valued at a very reasonable $30,000! John is pictured on the right next to a giant obelisk and a huge fluorite sphere – just some of the weird and wonderful things he saw.

We search the globe for the best rock, mineral and fossils pieces to sell and tailor for the gift trade. Watch this space!

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