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3″ Elephant Tea-Light Holders

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These marble elephant tea-light holders have been carved from the finest Himalayan marble. Since their launch in 2015, they have proved to be one of our fastest and best-selling lines. Available in a choice of size and colour, these elephants are unique and fun gift idea at an attractive price point. They make great gifts either as a set or sold individually.

Packed in 10s
CodeThumbnail Marble Type PriceQuantity
ON514 3 Dark Fossilstone (Ex VAT)
ON517 3 Grey Marble (Ex VAT)
ON515 3 Cream Marble (Ex VAT)
ON596 3 Bright Pink Marble (Ex VAT)
ON375 3 White Marble (Ex VAT)
ON347 3 Onyx (Ex VAT)
ON374 3 Pink Marble (Ex VAT)
ON314 3 Fossilstone (Ex VAT)
ON348 3 Black Marble (Ex VAT)