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Nature’s Gift Counter Spinner Pack

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Packs can be ordered as a 'Jewellery' pack consisting of a selection of the best-selling jewellery lines or a 'Jewellery & Mineral' Pack consisting of a mix of jewellery and the rock and mineral bags.

Our Nature’s Gift range has proved to be one of our most popular and fast-selling jewellery lines. This counter spinner holds 180 pieces and is ideal for displaying these lines in a more compact and convenient way. With all items at the same price, selling this range could not be simpler. Counter spinners are supplied free on loan when complete sets are ordered.

Packed in 1s
CodeThumbnail Pack Type PriceQuantity
PKNGC1 Nature's Gift Counter Spinner Pack - Jewellery & Mineral Pack Jewellery & Mineral Pack (Ex VAT)
PKNGC2 Nature's Gift Counter Spinner Pack - Jewellery Pack Jewellery Pack (Ex VAT)